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What Should I Do If My Invisalign Aligners Don’t Fit Properly?

May 8, 2023

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Invisalign clear aligners are known for their subtlety, flexibility, and quicker results. They’re also known to be crafted using specialized technology and materials so that they fit comfortably when put into place. If this is true, then you may be asking, “Why is my aligner not fitting properly?” In cases such as these, it’s important that you speak with your orthodontist right away so that you can avoid a serious delay in your treatment. Find out what you should do to ensure that you do not experience worsening discomfort and instead, maintain greater comfort while keeping your smile on track.  

What Can Cause an Invisalign Aligner to Not Fit Properly?

Before delving into the reasons your Invisalign aligner may not fit quite like it should, it can be helpful to understand how these trays are designed to be worn so that you can easily differentiate when a problem occurs.

Once crafted, your orthodontist will ensure that your new aligners are snug against your teeth and appear smooth. As you begin treatment, it is likely that small gaps will form but will soon close as your teeth begin to shift into the desired position.

Now that you know they are designed to be snug, you should be able to tell when they no longer feel as tight as before. This can occur because:

  • You are not abiding by the 20-22-hour rule. When you neglect to wear your aligners for the designated amount of time, it can cause significant delays in your treatment because your teeth will not be moving according to plan.
  • Your aligners are damaged and no longer hold their shape. If you rinse them in hot water, it can cause them to become warped. If you eat while wearing your trays, it can wear them down and result in damaged aligners.
  • You’re wearing a new set, and your teeth have not yet shifted to form to the Invisalign tray.

What Can You Do About Ill-Fitting Trays?

Instead of worrying that you’ll be out the money for an entirely new set of aligners, there are some things you can do to make sure they don’t pop off the back of your teeth. These include:

  • Ask your orthodontist about Invisalign chewies, as these can help your trays to fit comfortably over your teeth. You’ll need to bite down for 5-10 minutes.
  • Make sure you are following your dentist’s orders about wearing your trays 20-22 hours each day.
  • Talk to your orthodontist about your ill-fitting aligners to see if they can offer an alternative solution. Oftentimes, when you try even moving back to a previous set of aligners, the problem still exists. Do not attempt to try anything on your own but instead, ask your orthodontist for help.

Invisalign is a worthwhile investment as long as you adhere to the instructions that are required to achieve successful results. When faced with ill-fitting trays, know that there are things you can do to improve the situation, and still walk away with a straighter smile.

About the Author
Dr. Tamara Jones is an orthodontist in Allen who attended Baylor College of Dentistry – Texas A&M Health Science Center. Earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery, she enrolled at The University of Texas at Houston to specialize in orthodontics. At her practice in Allen, she and her team are here to deliver optimal care to patients with crooked or misaligned teeth. When choosing Invisalign, she helps individuals to remain committed to the process and avoid hiccups along the way. If you find that your trays are no longer fitting as they should, contact us via the website or call (972) 727-1153.

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