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iTero Digital Impressions – Allen, TX

Comfortable & Precise Digital Impressions

Scan of patient’s teeth displayed on computer monitor

Some orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign clear aligners, require that we take detailed impressions of our patients’ teeth. In the past, orthodontists and dentists had to rely on manual materials to accomplish that; unfortunately, the manual impression process could be time-consuming and uncomfortable. Today, a better alternative is available: comfortable and precise digital impressions with the remarkable iTero scanner. Read on below to discover how this technology is enhancing the orthodontic care experience for patients in Allen.

Meet the iTero Scanner

Patient undergoing digital impression scan

The iTero digital impression scanner is a machine that uses a small, wand-like instrument to create detailed representations of patients’ teeth. We simply move the wand around a person’s mouth, and it captures thousands of images each second. Advanced software then assembles those frames into a highly detailed, three-dimensional impression of the patient’s teeth.

The iTero scanner can be used in virtually any instance where a manual impression might otherwise be needed. For example, general dentists can use it to design bridges and crowns. Here at Allen Orthodontics, we especially appreciate how well it integrates with Invisalign. We can use the iTero software to effortlessly send case information to the experts at the Invisalign laboratory. The impressions are so accurate that Invisalign almost never rejects them.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

Portrait of happy male dental patient

The iTero scanner is more than just a cool piece of technology — it boasts a number of practical benefits:

  • No goop. Manual impressions require patients to bite down on a messy, unpleasant goop. That is not necessary with the iTero scanner.
  • No powder. Some digital impression scanners require that the patient’s teeth be coated in a special powder, but that step is not required with the iTero device.
  • More efficient treatment. Compared to manual impressions, the iTero scanner can shorten appointment times by 20 minutes or more.
  • Low risk of gagging. The iTero wand is small, so even patients with a sensitive gag reflex are likely to find the process comfortable (or at least tolerable).
  • Accuracy the first time. It is rarely necessary to retake impressions when we use our iTero scanner.
  • Preview your results. iTero works with software that we can use to generate a realistic preview of what your teeth will look like after you complete Invisalign treatment.
  • Eco-friendly. Digital impressions help our practice to minimize its environmental impact. The iTero machine enables us to use less packaging and rely less on traditional shipping methods.

Would you like the learn more about the iTero digital impression scanner and the other technology in our office? Get in touch with Allen Orthodontics today!