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Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology – Allen, TX

Bringing Modern Orthodontics to Your Family

On top of holding 16 years of experience in providing orthodontic care, Dr. Jones and Dr. Hanson bring you some of the most advanced orthodontic services and technology at her Allen, TX orthodontic office. For example, they can capture impressions entirely using digital technology. They can even create retainers all in-house using a 3D printer! With these devices, they make your patient experience all the more enjoyable and saves you time and stress, all while helping or your child achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. To start your orthodontic journey with our team, call and schedule a FREE consultation!


Why Choose Allen Orthodontics for Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology?

  • Advanced Digital Impression Scanner In-House
  • Digital X-Rays for Enhanced Speed and Safety
  • 3D Printer for Added Convenience

iTero Digital Impressions

iTero digital smile impressions on chairside computer

Prior to beginning your treatment, we must better understand the current state of your teeth and bite. For starters, we take an impression using our dedicated iTero scanner. Instead of asking you to bite down into a mold filled with putty (as it’s done traditionally), we simply guide a pen-sized scanner throughout the mouth to create a fully digital model of your teeth. In just a few minutes, we’ll have the model ready and create a treatment plan from there. We can even show what your future smile will look like at the end of the process!

Learn More About iTero Digital Impressions

3D Printer

3 D printed orthodontic appliance

Wearing a retainer is one of the most important steps in your overall treatment as appliances like these work to prevent recently shifted teeth from moving back to their crooked positions. We understand that it can be easy for people of all ages to lose or break their retainer. That’s why at Allen Orthodontics, getting a replacement is simple and straightforward. You don’t have to wait on a dental lab at an offsite office. Instead, just come back here and we’ll create a retainer in-house using our 3D printer! This enables us to make any final adjustments right in the orthodontic office and guarantee the perfect fit for each patient.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays and dental implant placement surgery guide

As we begin moving your teeth, we want to pay close attention not just to the visible crowns in your smile, but the roots that sit underneath the gum line as well. This helps us better understand their starting position. Digital X-rays show us data that we wouldn’t be able to catch with the naked eye, are much faster than traditional X-ray technology, offer sharper detail, and produce up to 90% less radiation. These benefits and more are great news for patients, parents, and our team members.